Sunday, February 20, 2011

My score at CVS today.

I went to CVS this morning and scored on CVS brand diapers. They were marked 75% off! They are marked normally at $12.79 for a pack of 52 diapers. I bought a pack for $3.19, that is $.06 a diaper, GREAT SCORE.  I bought 4 packs, if they had more I would of bought them since I have 2 in diapers right now.  That is a savings of $38.40.  Remember even if your kids are to old for diapers think baby or diaper showers. Diapers are a great gift.
Now all CVS stores are not the same but I would look or call your store to see.  Come back and let me know if you found this great offer too.

I also found some Almay makeup on sale for 75% off plus I had $1.00 off coupons. I paid $1.37 for eye shadow, and $1.49 for a eye shadow stick. It was a savings of 11.12. 
The Purex laundry soap is on sale for $1.99 and that is without coupons. I didn't have any coupons at this time but what a great deal and even better if you have any coupons.

Happy $avings,

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  1. How Great is this!! I love this website. I will save you in my favorites!! Thank you for all your awesome tips.