Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meals on a budget plus a give away!

Do you have a weekly or monthly meal plan?  Do you have a hard time following it?  This is something I still struggle with.  Having three kids under 2 1/2 makes my life a little hectic sometimes and I don't always get to have that great healthy meal I am wanting.  But, this is when my stockpiling and coupons comes in the handiest.
Before I make my shopping list for my weekly meal plan I check the ads to find the best deals, then I check my stockpile to see what I have, then I get my coupons together.  Doing these three steps help you stay organized and the best part $AVES YOU MONEY!
This week I bought chicken at the store, put it in the crock pot and cooked it until I could shred it.  I now have enough shredded chicken to make 3 meals.  The best thing is I don't have to buy anything else for the meals because I had the ingredients in my stockpile. I am making chicken-quesadillas, chicken potpie, and chick enchilada casserole. Up front all three meals cost me under $15.00 total to make.     
So here is the fun part....I want to hear your great saving meals.  Email me at or post a comment below telling me a recipe and how much it cost you.  Whoever has the best priced meal wins a coupon binder.
You have until Friday the 25th at 6 pm to enter and the results will be listed on Monday night.  
Happy $avings,

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