Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do you organize your coupons?

Do you take the time to cut your coupons out every week? Do you put them in an envelope? Forget them on the counter when you go to the store?  Do you get frusterated and say why do I take the time out just to never use them?  I use to use an envelope and I would forget it all the time.  If I would rember them I would drop them all over floor.  Well I have learned a great easy way to organize coupons (Thanks Collin). I use a three ring binder, basball card holder, and dividers.  I have sections for the fridgerated items, freezer, dry goods, drinks, cereal and snacks, pets, child, ect, and then I have store sections.  You can see every coupon cause of the clear baseball cardholders.  I just flip to the catagory I need and find my coupon pull it out and stick it in a baggie.  When I get to the register to check out all my coupons are in one place and ready to hand them over to the cashier.  I get stopped at the store all the time with people asking me about my binder and I get excited to tell about it.  Below is a couple pictures of my binder. Leave me a comment on how you keep your coupons organized. 

Happy $avings, 

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