Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Only use what you need.

When you are looking through your coupons or checking out those ads don't buy something just cause it's a good deal or free. Only cut and use coupons that you will use!  I think this is very important, when I started using coupons and found deals that were hard to pass up I could get them.  I noticed I had things in my home that I would NEVER use.  I had to give the items away, gift them or donate them, which is a good thing to do but at that time in my life I didn't need the "clutter". 
It is hard, very hard for me and some people to pass on the free items.  I get so stinking excited when I get that awesome deal and wanted to tell everyone but come on really how much time does someone want to spend looking for coupons and shopping at a million different stores anyway?  So I have learned to pass on thing I don't need. 
Happy $avings,

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